Going Keyless

Discover the ins and outs of Keyless Entry. Find a Toyota car, truck, or SUV with Toyota Smart Entry that's right for you.

Demystifying the Keyless Entry Feature


If you've been searching for a new or used car online, chances are you've come across the Keyless Entry feature more than once. Our experts here at AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia do a deep dive into the popular Keyless Entry feature, so you come to the test drive armed with the power of knowledge. 

What is Keyless Entry?


Keyless entry, referred to as Toyota Smart Entry by Toyota, allows drivers to enter their vehicles without the use of a key. If you have the key to the vehicle on your person, or in your purse, your vehicle will open automatically when you put your hand on the door. Essentially, you do not have to physically enter the key of your vehicle in order to open the door or into the ignition.


 A Smart Key is the smart way to get in and out

If your Toyota is equipped with the Toyota Smart Entry feature, your Smart Key will be your lifeline into the car. Your car will identify the Smart Key using a radio generator via antenna signals placed throughout the vehicle. By keeping your Smart Key in your purse or pocket, you can lock the vehicle's door in the following ways: 

      Press the button on the door handle, OR 


      Touch the area on the door handle, OR


      Walk away from the vehicle.


Enter your Toyota at the push of a button

Remote Start is an optional feature that works in tandem with Toyota Smart Entry. Remote Start is similar to a Smart Key, but instead of a traditional blade key, vehicle operators can open doors and start ignitions with the push of a button on a FOB.


The Keyless Entry feature uses a unique signal from your key FOB that communicates with your car. Key FOBs for Remote Start and Toyota Smart Entry are operational when you are within 100 feet of the vehicle.


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