We're behind every errand, every road trip, and every safe drive.
Take a peek behind the scenes to see where you fit in.

We'll help you find
 your path.

With the Toyota Apprenticeship Career Training program, we help you be the best technician you can be by developing your technical skills, leadership ability, and ideal career path.

  • Apply for T.A.C.T. after you're hired and we'll put you on the path to success.
  • Be paired with a mentor and have education covered by AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia.
  • Gain new certifications and get a pay bump with each one.

Start your career.

T.A.C.T. let me put my all into becoming a technician so I could focus on my career.

The best part of this job is the smile you get when you hand back their keys.

Be someone's hero, every day.

We don't just service vehicles, we help people stay on the road and on their way. You'll learn skills that will turn someone's bad day around-and prevent bumpy rides ahead.

Join our community of helpers.

Feel stable, and supported.

We aren't just a service department-we're a team. You'll find support up and down the ladder, including competitive pay and benefits.

Join our tightknit team.

I get to spend more time with my family, and love spending time with my team.

Do great things, year after year.

We're a team of strivers, always looking for ways to improve. Whatever your experience, you'll find a clear career path with the help you need to build your skills and progress.

Start your journey.

Start here, then grow your skills.

Service Porter

Greet customers and get them set up for service.

Experience: 0-1 yrs

Express Technician

Master light maintenance like oil changes and rotations.

Experience: 0-1 yrs


Diagnose and take on all maintenance tasks and repairs.

Experience: 1-5 yrs

Master Technician

Take on advanced maintenance tasks and be a mentor.

Experience: 5-15 yrs

Service Advisor

Work with customers to assess repairs, check warranties, and write repair orders.

Experience: 1-3 yrs

Shop Foreman

Oversee all work and technicians in the shop.

Experience: 5-10 yrs

Assistant Service Manager

Work directly with customers to ensure service is top quality.

Experience: 1-5 yrs

Service Manager

Oversee the service lanes and ensure service is top quality.

Experience: 4-6 yrs

Service Director

Manage the entire service and details department. 

Experience: 5-15 yrs